Zubin J., Berlin, Germany

Just saw them open as we were cruising through town, trying to quench our CBD needs. Friendly proprietors, very helpful and well informed. Were cool enough to set us up with samples (we brought our own handheld vape) and were totally encouraging in terms of letting us take our time (despite us changing our mind mid-purchase several times)! Totally recommend making this your store!

Laura G. Jacksonville, FL

If you are new to CBD products, this is definitely the place to come!! There are so personable & extremely knowledgeable about All Things CBD! I'm not new to the wonderful benefits but I learned things from him I didn't know. The shop itself is so quaint & welcoming inside. It's really nice to be able to sample some of the products before you buy. I took a loooong time to decide which products to buy & I didn't feel rushed at all. This is a unique place (compared to other shops I've visited that offer CBD) And they have the most delicious tasting drinking water & a very cool way to offer customers their very own supply! I can't wait to watch Roots CBD grow & evolve in the community! I see it as a nice "chill" place to stop in & stay for a bit. Enjoy the positive vibe & have a cold beverage while you shop!! I'm definitely going to be a frequent customer!

Lindsay L. Local

This is a family owned business run by a very knowledgeable family. I have been using CBD for inflammation, pain both in my L4/L5 herniated disk. I also have anxiety. It really helps! I have bought it from several place and Roots CBD is one of the first that came with education and care! I highly recommend everyone visit them asap!

Brandie C. 

Great products and service. After trying all other options for my pup's storm anxiety, I finally caved to try CBD oil for my baby. Storm just rolled by, gave her the drops, and within 30 mins she was laying by me nice and calm vs her normal shaking panting self. Even picked up some lotion for my husband's bad knee. Amanda did a great job helping me pick the best product for my fur baby.

Ellen B.

I went into Roots CBD to check out products for my mother-in-law who suffers from arthritis. I was extremely impressed with the store itself — great location with plenty of parking and a super variety of products. However, what really sets Roots CBD apart is the terrific customer service I received — knowledgeable, professional, and extremely patient. The individual who spent time with me (and I’m so very sorry I forgot his name) explained what the different products were so that we could get the right ones for my mother-in-law. We created a fabulous Mother's Day Gift Bag which will be well received and will make me her favorite daughter-in-law. (I’m her only daughter-in-law, but thanks to Roots CBD, she’ll keep me in the family!) Many thanks from a grateful customer.